Cole’s “The Voyage of Life”: James Smillie’s Engravings and Puck’s Alternate take

Searched for Thomas Cole in the Library of Congress: Came across these items derived “The Voyage of Life” paintings:

James Smillie’s Engravings:

And Joseph Ferdinand Keppler’s take on the same subject from Puck in 1883:

Bear Mace Container with Secret Compartments

A friend of mine is about to make her annual trek across the vast wilderness of America.  She approached us with an idea:  She envisioned a vessel that could safely store a canister of bear mace and double as a inconspicuous hiding place to stash her  ummm.. valuables.  Laser cut boxes are second nature to every experienced CNC laser operator so this request was right up our alley.

Bear Mace Conveyance with a Secret Compartment

Bear Mace Conveyance with a Secret Compartment

We modified a few box files created in Rahul’s amazing online box making application, engraved a few pieces of vector art from and then cut everything out from Baltic Birch plywood.  Total project time: approximately 2 hours.

Random File Button

I spent a few hours pressing the random file button at Here are some images I collected:

Some Highlights:

These Tables are Money

“With my mind on my money and my money on my mind:” Spacetime Designs has recently produced two monetarily themed end tables:

First up, the Wheel of Fortune table:

It spins!

The end table version of the centerpiece from the classic game show.  This table is constructed from 1/2″ birch and maple plywood.  The table top is printed with translucent inks to allow the wood grain to be visible through the colorful dollar amounts.  Glossy polyurethane finish.  Very easy to assemble/disassemble.  All you need is a phillips head screw driver. $95


And for seconds, the gold coin table:


A rich gold coin graphic is printed onto a birch plywood surface primed with iridescent white paint.  The table base is stained a deep brown.  This table looks exceptional holding a glass (glasses?) of beer, and the polyurethane topcoat is robust enough that you won’t even need a coaster.  Easy assembly (5 – 10 minutes) with a phillips head screw driver.  $80



Send us an email today for your custom coin or order a pre-made piece online now!


Visit us at our last SoWa Market of the Season! Sunday, Oct 21st!

This Sunday, October 21st, Spacetime Designs will have a DOUBLE sized tent in celebration of our last SoWa Sunday Open Market of the season.

We will be pulling out all the stops for Sundays market, including featuring some new designs and holding a social media raffle for a surprise prize.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook now to get ahead of the game for Sunday’s contest.

“SOWA Market” illustration by Nate Williams

SoWa Open Markets are located in South Boston on Harriston St and directions can be found here.  Food trucks will be present. That’s all the information you need 🙂  See you Sunday!


The Frontier of Furniture Design: From Spacetime Printing to Spacetime Designs

Spacetime Printing is now Spacetime Designs (SD) – welcome to our new look!

After some reflection on the direction our products and pieces were heading, we decided it was time to make a change. We hope this new name and branding will encompass all the custom and original Spacetime Printing items that were made in the past – and so dear to your hearts – as well as the pieces we have in store for the future!

Here is a snap shot of the new logos:

Social Media Logo                                                        Long Logo

The SD logo incorporates the Penrose triangle/tribar or impossible triangle, one of many impossible object designs.  It was first created by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvard in the 1930s and popularized by mathematician Roger Penrose in the 1950s. The logo relates to the overall mission of SD to bring extraordinary – some may say impossible – objects to life.

Send us an email at spacetimedesigns [at] gmail [dot] com with any thoughts on the new look.  We’d love to hear from you!